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Monday, 23 June 2014

                                          After school
Today after school I went to McDonalds with my little brother Jac to get a cheeseburger because we both had a voucher with our soccer certificates. I had a soccer training certificate for being the best at training. My brother got his certificate from being the best player on the field. After we had our burgers we went back to school.
Mum was waiting in the car for us. I asked where Tara and Max were. She said "they are in the library."
We stopped in front of the library. Mum told me to get Tara and Max but of course they were on the toilet. I had my library card so I thought I could get some library books out. When Tara and Max got back from the toilet I said “one more minute”. I already had four beano`s but I wanted a chapter book. Then Jac came into the library and he said" come on guys mum`s waiting," " oops "I said to myself I must've forgotten the time. I hurried to issue my books and ran back to the car. In the car mum said" I sent you in there to get them, not to read beano's and where`s your chapter book" "there were no chapter book`s I liked" I said.
When we got home I read all four beano`s with my brothers and sister. They were funny and made us laugh a lot.
So over all I had a great day
by benb                                                  


  1. A nice little story out of your live - well done Ben - we proud of you- Dad and Mum

  2. Mein lieber Ben,
    so lustig zu lesen, wie deine Tage manchmal ausschauen und ich sehe dich vor mir, wie du ganz in die Comics versunken die Zeit dahin laufen lässt ;-) auch wenn Mama warten muss, ist es doch auch toll wenn du soviel Interesse daran hast.
    Hugs !!

  3. Hi mein lieber Ben,
    es ist so lustig zu lesen wie manch Tag bei dir ausschaut und ich seh dich direkt vor mir wie du in den Comics versunken die Zeit vergisst ;-)
    Bin auf weitere Geschichten gespannt!
    Alles Liebe deine Gode-Esther