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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

                                                    The ancient Greek Spartan warriors

Yes, Spartans were truly marvelous warriors and the best there were at the time.
If you want to learn about Spartans then keep reading because I will tell you all I know.

Spartans were the fiercest warriors around and that was because they had the most strict fighting training. The city of Sparta did not have any walls because it did not need any because why need walls when you have the fiercest, roughest and bravest soldiers. In the year 431 BC Spartans decided to attack Athens and in the year 405 BC they finally managed to win. Two years later Sparta had a war with Persia at the sea.  The Spartans made 378 war ships and the Persians had 435. After 200 Persian ships had been sunk Persia retreated.

Now another cool thing is their weapons. The Spartan spear was 2-3 meters long, it was used to stab the attacker because usually they came running at them. The Xiphos (spartan sword) was a short, deadly killer and the blade was 18 inches long. The  Kopis (spartan dagger) was a hacking device to do nasty wounds to attackers. The spartan bronze armor only covered a few bits. They only had a helmet, a chest plate and leg plates.
The Spartans were famous for their long hair. Before their battle ahead they each combed their hair as this was a tradition. When Spartans were angry at the crowd they cut half their hair to show it

So Spartans were great warriors   

By Ben B 


  1. Very interesting. found out some new things about Spartans.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information about Spartans Ben. I like the way you included and image for your visual readers too.

  3. I am very proud of you Ben! I like the information's about the Spartans very much.
    Your Mum