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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Poem of peace

Peace is a world of freedom.
Everyone wants to live in peace.
Are rulers giving us a choice.
Rulers let people live in poverty.
Love will be restored when peace is.

Hope is strong for people who believe.
After peace is back everyone will joyful.
Revolt means nothing good.
Beauty is in water and land.
Of war becomes disaster .
Unicorns are in minds of young little kids.
Roars of guns and bullets.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Miners mining
I love Minecraft
Netherland getting closer, closer  
Endermen teleporting here and there 
Creepers creeping everywhere
Rafts are floating just for me
After battle we go home
Fire and flames on my touches 
Tons of mobs hunting me

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A big day

                                                                           (Part 2)

We started walking to Tim's place. We knew the girls started walking ten minutes after us so we had all the time in the world to be without them.

Tim, Joel and me walked for a while and then we began to jog, just because it was fun. Joel started running but Tim and me kept jogging. We called to Joel" weren't you the one who said we were jogging."
Joel said "I am jogging."
That was just ridiculous but Tim and me said nothing.

At the bottom of the hill we ran because we thought that ten minutes were over and we hadn't gone very far. None of us had a watch so we didn't know for sure.

We arrived at Joel's place and the girls where still out of sight. Joel got his backpack. Then Timothy had a great Idea, we should race the girls. So he said "we should wait here for a few moments till we see the girls." Joel and I didn't mind so we waited and got a drink.

When the girls got up to us, we told them that we would race them and started running. All of the sudden they went another way because they thought its a shortcut. And they were really at Tims house before us. 

At Tim's it was nearly tea time, just then mum stepped through the door and brought my bag and picked up Tara. We had pork with vegetables for tea and it was really good.

After prayer time we watched a little kid movie.
Next thing  we were walking down stairs and going to watch the "Avengers", I was so excited because i had never watched that movie before. After the movie we went to bed and i realized that i forgot to pack my pajamas but luckily I had spear clothes to sleep in.


Friday, 18 July 2014

      A big day 

         ( Part 1)

Thud! I fell out of my bed "ow" I cursed.
Just then I noticed today was the day -  the big day. But I hadn't packed anything.

My world did a 1 80 and turned upside down, everything went chaotic. "Whow, slow down" I said to myself. I went to the kitchen and had breakfast. Then mum said "I thought you were already dressed". I quickly got dressed but forgot to pack my backpack. Mum, Tara and me hopped into the car and picked up two of my best friends Tim, the brain, and Joel, the joker. When we arrived at there house they were both ready to go. Compare to me they were organised.

We drove back to my place and the big day had begun.

Our plan was to do a master chef at our house, walk to Tim's house, have a movie and tea there and in the morning we wanted to walk to Joel's house to have breakfast and a soccer game. 

We quickly decided that for the master chef competition we wanted to make a salad, some devil sausages with wedges and a chocolate cake. Then we realized that we had no recipe for the devil sausages nor the chocolate cake. So we hoped online and got a recipe for both of them. We made a list of ingredients we needed from countdown. We found them easily. At home we started cooking right away because we just had one and a half hours time. I had to make the salad, Tim made the chocolate cake and Joel was in charge of the devil sausages and wedges. We had to help each other and cook against Mum, Tara and Ellie. 

It was really fun in the kitchen but we got in trouble because Joel was so busy doing the devil sausages that he totally forgot the wedges and then Tim decided finally to read his recipe and realized his cake would take five hours. At the end the cake turned out alright but we had to roast some leftover potatoes with crazy, hot, self invented spices we fund in Mums fridge. Dad was the judge. He gave our salad a 8, the devil sausages a 9 and the cake a 9 as well.

We triumphed over the girls 26-24.

But we still had to do one thing before we left, cleaning the dishes. The dishes - the one thing we didn't plan on doing but there was no way around it. While we were cleaning I started singing "pompay" then everyone else joined in. We also sang "waka waka"  and "waving flag". That was great fun because Joel started drumming as well.