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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

      Death's top 2 funniest muck-ups        

Top 1 funniest muck-up:
I go with death

''Good bye cruel world!'' I said.
''We`re almost there.'' announced Death.
''Wait.'' I said. ''I need to go toilet!''
''No!'' said Death.
''I forgot my hankie!''
''No!''shouted Death.
''I lost my wallet!''
''This was the worst muck-up to bring you!'' Death said.

Top 2 funniest muck-up:
Death meets Max and Christopher.

''Ah look two little defenceless infants" said Death to himself.
"I should just grab them and go back to the god's world."
"Hey Max "said Christopher,  "Do you hear that woshing sound?"
"What?" said Max.
"Got you " shrieked Death joyfully.
(Back at the god's world)"Hey Death what happened to you?  It looks like an army of cats got you" said Babi.
Let's just say infants aren't completely defenceless. 

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